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Weekly Update (12/11/12)

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Weekly Update (12/11/12) Empty Weekly Update (12/11/12)

Post by Morpheus Sun Nov 11, 2012 3:24 pm

The first week of D.O's launch is over, and there was certainly no shortage of things happening. All members have created their characters and posted, and the pub, which was extremely popular in the previous iteration of D.O, is already at 9 pages with a total of 128 posts!

It's staggering that so much has happened over at Lance's Pub in just the first week, and it's actually rather exciting to imagine what might happen next in the once rather small town of Vail.

Here's a recap of what's occurred thus far:

  • Jack's bow disintegrated in front of Nathaniel, whom took pity on him and decided to give him a crossbow free-of-charge.
  • Sebastian Grey was nearly murdered by McFinnigan after he 'accidentally' stole food from the restaurant after being spear-tackled by two Rao employees.
  • Bellator started flirting with an employee at McFinnigan's, then had the same employee stalk him and transform into the Barrow-Bend Shifter (a 'jackpot' it was not).
  • Jack met a curious Rao girl by the name of Izanami and escorted her to the pub, only to be attacked later that night at Lance's Pub by three garjiaa.
  • Felicia was the first character to get a job, and has already received a raise and supplied Nathaniel with new Ventan weapons and armour.
  • Following the attack at the pub, Ironfang knocked Grey out of a window and hospitalised him, essentially making the Saurion MIA until today when he'll be released.
  • G.O.L.E.M. was the first character to spin the slots and not win a single thing. But at least he completed the Onyx Challenge, right?
  • Mia has not done anything particularly noteworthy as of yet...

Almost everyone managed to complete last week's Standard Challenge, while only four members were able to complete the Onyx Challenge. A list of members who completed the challenges and the prizes awarded for doing so can be found in Pandora's Box.

That's about it for now. Stay tuned for new weekly challenges, and the addition of the first Adventurer's Guild Assignment on the notice board.

-- Morpheus

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