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Weekly Update (19/11/12)

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Weekly Update (19/11/12) Empty Weekly Update (19/11/12)

Post by Morpheus Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:09 am

Another week has passed here on D.O, and a few new NPCs have arrived in town. The most notable of these is Rork, who everyone (except for perhaps Velox_Rivus) should remember from the previous iteration of D.O. Rork left some time after his wife Kite was murdered by Kane Lightwood, and has been scouring the lands, seeking revenge and answers.

The second NPC to make an appearance is Silvester Spanglebane, a skeletal fellow who claims to be a 'Draviri', although there is basically no information on this race.. yet.

Mia, the resident hyperactive female teenager, managed to throw a reasonably entertaining party at Lance's Pub. Everyone; player and NPC alike, showed up for the rather long party, and Grey even apologised to McFinnigan for stealing from his establishment.

A few new locations have been discovered, including Driftwood, the so-called 'sentient forest', as well as the Abandoned Tower, the Beach of Dreams and a random Old Shack. What surprises are in store for whoever dares enter these locations? Dragonlord should be finding out soon...

As for the weekly challenges: Dragonlord, LordOfDeath121, Zendaya, Lord Smashington and Velox_Rivus have completed the Onyx Challenge and Dragonlord, LordOfDeath121, Zendaya, Lord Smashington and west-pf have completed the Standard Challenge.

Stay tuned for new weekly challenges and such!

-- Morpheus


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